MWECAU Entry Requirements

MWECAU Entry Requirements

Mwenge Catholic University Admission Requirements

1.    Doctor of Philosophy in Education
                    Admission requirements

  • A Masters degree with background in Education at a recognized University/Institution of Higher Learning with average of grade B or above (or upper second class).
  • Must have taken at least three (3) courses in one of the three areas of specialization (Curriculum Studies, Educational Administration and Planning or Educational Assessment and Evaluation).
  • Applicants with lower second class at Master’s level must have a work experience of at least 5 years.
  • Applicants must submit a concept paper of area of research interest in 2 to 3 pages.

    2.     Master of Education Programme

                           Admission requirements

  •  Holders of at least a first or an upper second degree or equivalent in non- classified degrees.
  •  Holders of lower second class Degree with a minimum of three years of working experience.
  •  Holders of postgraduate Diploma in Education or related fields.

3.    Master of Business Administration
                           Admission requirements

  •   Holders of at least a first or an upper second Degree or its equivalent in non- classified degrees.
  •   Holders of lower second class Degree with a minimum of three years of working experience.
  •   Holders of a postgraduate Diploma in business studies or related fields.
  •   Applicants with professional qualifications such as (CPA, ACCA, and CSP) plus a year or more of work experience, provided they completed form Six.

                             Admission requirements

  •  Holder of a Bachelor’s Degree or above, outside of the field of education, from any recognized university, with two teaching subjects at secondary level or other special consideration.

              Admission requirements
a)      Direct Entry

  •    Applicants must hold at least two ‘A’ level principal passes in approved subjects which must be relevant to the course requirement.

b)     Equivalent qualification entry:

  •          Relevant Diploma from a recognized institution with a Second Class or a B grade average.

c)      Mature age entry
Applicants under mature age entry scheme must fulfil the following conditions:

  •          Applicants must have a minimum 25 years of age.
  • Applicants must have either obtained at least three principal pass in approved subjects at ‘O’ level or attended Form 6 at least 5 years before the year for which    admission is sought
  • Must have passed the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) examination.

6.     Diploma Programmes (2 Years)
       Entry requirements:

  •        Form six certificate holder with one pass or two subsidiaries or
  •        Certificate of a related programme with an average of B from a recognized institution.

           7.  Certificate Programmes (1 Year)
Entry requirement;
a)      Direct Entry

  •  Applicantsmust hold at least four ‘O’ level D passes in 4 approved subjects, one of which must be relevant to the programme applied for.

b)     Mature age entryApplicants

  •    Must be 25 years of age or above.
  •    Must have obtained at least four passes in approved subjects at ‘O’ level.
  •    Must have passed the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) examination.


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